Momentum provides several types of public API:s which aggregates and deliveres information from several backend systems, for example Momentum Fastighet, Momentum Login and Momentum Files.


Please follow our Release notes where we may notify you about breaking and non-breaking changes to our APIs. See also Deprecation where we display every End of life property in our APIs.

Fastighet API

Momentum Fastighet API is an open web api, and is used mainly to support the Momentum Fastighet Mina sidor application and similiar applications.

The API currently provides functions mainly targeted for features directly involving the end-customer, meaning, it typically only returns information directly related to the current signed-in customer and does not typically makes it possible to submit or query for example errands for other/all customers.


The Momentum Fastighet GraphQL API can be used to query information stored in Momentum Fastighet using the GraphQL query language.

This API is indended to be called by services. Public client applications (e g SPA or native mobile apps) used by customers should not call the GraphQL API directly since the API does not implement permissions checks that limit the returned data to only the data the signed-in customer should typically have access to. It is therefore necessary to build an API gateway that receives call from your public client application, performs security checks and then makes the appropriate query to the GraphQL API.


FastAPI is a standard used in communication inbetween real estate systems and other systems.

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